Anonymous asked:

could you recommend any good armin/jean or eren/levi fics pleaseee? *big eyes*

Ahh….sorry, but I don’t read those two ships. Mostly because I’m not cool enough to multiship, and I already ship eren/armin, jean/marco, and erwin/levi. I’m sorry! :0

2ndnovember1983 asked:

Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to your 10 fave followers. <3

Thanks, sweetie! :’)

1.) I always try my best to be nice to people with service jobs (well, everyone in general, but workers in particular), because as someone who has worked in one as well, I know how grumpy people can ruin your day. You don’t know until you’re in their shoes!

2.) I’ve been pleased with how I can usually speak up when something REALLLYYY offends me. Probably came from having a bunch of right wing friends in a right wing high school; I got tired of listening to their opinions without telling them that there ARE other sides.

3.) I like to think I’m pretty responsible, I hardly ever make rash decisions. I am actually quite a worry-wart, idk if that is  a nice thing about me though! Haha. :)

4.) I like that I have forced myself to doodle more, and explore art further. It has been a new year resoluion of mine to carry around a sketchbook for years, and finally, this year I have done so, and I have nearly filled two little bound books.

5.) Getting WAY more uncaring of what people think of me. A few years ago, there would be NO WAY that I would be dying my hair red, pink, orange, teal and purple. I wouldn’t be going to an actual convention with my friends. As my mom always tells me…LET YO FREAK FLAG FLY

Anonymous asked:

could you recommend any good reiner\bert fics pleaseee?

Escape from the Walled City by zombieshake

This is a very heavy duty fic, and involves some super dark elements. Be sure to read the warnings if you decide to read this one, but past the brutality of it, it is a very well written fic. On a mission, Bertholdt is captured but Reiner escapes, and horrible things happen and leads Reiner to desperately plot Bertholdt’s rescue.

No One Knows by bloodandfluff

Reiner and Bertholdt were best friends in elementary school, but once they began to grow up, they also grew apart. Reiner’s failing grades forces him to enlist the help of a school tutor, which happens to be his best friend who he hasn’t spoken to in years. (AAANNND this is my favorite Reibert fic EVER)

Keep Them From Harm by butterflychansan

Doctor AU! This one is actually a multi-paring fic; it has Reibert and also JeanMarco and Eruri. It is just one chapter in, but it is REAAALLLYYY good and I’m really stoked to see how it goes!

Where Nobility Lies by Anonymous

Ugh this one is great. AU where Bertholdt is a prince, and Reiner is part of his personal guard, and protects him throughout his life. Very cute, angsty, and heartwarming and fjkhreghr really good. Love this one.

Dream Runners Series by earthinmywindow

Such a great Modern AU fic about childhood friends Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt. Annie and Reiner are brother and sister who take shy Bertholdt under their wing at a young age, and they become inseparable. Even when the worst things could happen, they stick together. (This does include some Annie/Bert as well, but even if you dislike that pairing, it is still a great read. I was a bit hesitant at first, but ughhhh this is an awesomely creative piece of work!)