I really want this one fox sweater from Target, but it is like $25. But I have gone to Target at least four times and just stared at it until I have talked myself out of it each time.

I’m thinkin that if I had gone to Portland today, I woulda dropped some cash anyway…so is it now justified if I go buy it? But then it’s almost Christmas…I shouldn’t buy MYSELF stuff…

But I’m pretty much done shopping for everyone else….

But Christmas is also my birthday…..

But yesterday there were only a couple left so they probably won’t go on the sale rack….

To get or not to get?

  1. eviljenyus said: YES! With Target, if you’ve stared at it at least twice and managed to talk yourself out of it, as long as it’s not some atrocious (read: covered in actual fox-fur) thing…then yes. You deserve it for being strong for so long.
  2. valerienrapsody said: Get.
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  4. carmidoll said: go and buy it!
  5. sweet-peach-tea said: GET IT! Too many times I have stared longingly at stuff and then it’s gone and I regret it. The worst that happens is you decide you don’t really need it and return it. But once it’s gone, it’s gone.
  6. danicadaisysficrecs said: I’m gonna be a bad influence and say.. GET IT! :D It’ll be a ‘end of school term’ gift for yourself!
  7. unicornbloodandguts said: just get it baby, you deserve nice things
  8. miyukikazuyaismine said: get it! if you really want it don’t be afraid to spend for yourself. if you know you’ll wear it then buy it. its worth it if you will use it.
  9. kurson said: Get it before it’s gone or you’ll regret it sweetie! :) You’re really awesome, you owe it to yourself to buy yourself something nice, Merry Christmas/Birthday to you! :) <3
  10. broadw4y said: Get it!!!! Everyone deserves a little presents from theirself ;)
  11. mister-wrench said: GET IT.
  12. absolutely-golden said: GET IT, GURL.
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